PhotoPanes replaces the built-in Photos app for viewing, organizing, and sharing your pictures. It has a more intuitive interface, more sharing options, and shows you more information about where, when and how each photo was taken. PhotoPanes supports Native iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ resolution.

• Browse beautiful, full-screen views of your photos and the albums you create

• View and import photos from your Dropbox account

• Manage, organize, and delete your photos

• See where and when your photos were taken, as well as what camera and settings you used

• Animate your GIFs

• Share your photos via email, Facebook, Twitter, and more

• View photos in full portrait and landscape modes


Survivor Z and Survival Simulator

Survivor Z and Survival Simulator were both developed as a partnership with award winning Mongadillo Studios. 

The first game, ZDAY Survival Simulator was released in January of 2012 and is a text-based role playing game that places the player in a survival scenario and evaluates the player’s ability to adapt and survive. When you play ZDAY Survival Simulator, every decision you make affects your overall score. New challenges are continually added to test player’s ability to survive other scenarios. 

The follow up game Survivor Z, was launched a year later in 2013. Survivor Z takes mobile gaming to a whole new level with location data to place hyper-relevant scenarios around the player based on real world locations and GPS coordinates. When you move to a new location the game server delivers game content based on your current location, taking strategy gaming to a whole new level. As you go you gather weapons, food, water, and fighting buddies to keep you alive longer. But death is always just a few bad decisions away.



Sunlit isn’t for all of your photos, just the best ones. It’s for the photos that tell a story.

Sunlit was developed as a joint collaboration between Silverpine Software and Riverfold Software. It has been featured numerous times including:
LifehackerMacStoriesCult of Mac and Daring Fireball.

Find out more about Sunlit here.



Initially launched at SXSW in Austin, Silverpine partnered with BeerGram to develop their next generation app that let you buy a beer for your friend from your iPhone. It's the age old tradition of sharing a beer with a good friend even when distance separates or a busy schedule keeps you away. 

BeerGram focused on delivering a tangible experience to those who feel a greater sense of longing for friends, near or far and wasn't just a social network, it was SOCIAL TOUCH.  






PhLayer is an essential workflow optimization tool for designers and developers. It was developed specifically to shorten the time it takes between Designer and Developer, and includes many different customization options to adapt to almost any workflow. PhLayer exports individual layer assets from Adobe Photoshop™ PSD files and open source GIMP files at a blazing fast rate. Utilizing PhLayer enables you to focus on designing and implementing, rather than wasting valuable time copying and pasting.

Using PhLayer is as simple as dropping your source file onto the PhLayer icon, or selecting the custom plugin, to create individual image files in whatever format you specify (JPEG/PNG/BMP/GIF/TIFF). In addition, a coordinate file is created so you know where to place the image in the final product so that it is "pixel perfect."

Whether you're a solo, Indie developer or a member of a large team, PhLayer will save you time. PhLayer will quickly pay for itself and become a vital tool in your arsenal.


  • Support for Adobe Photoshop™ PSD parsing (*PhLayer does not require Adobe Photoshop™)
  • Support for GIMP XCF parsing
  • Export of individual layer assets (PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, GIF)
  • Export of layer coordinates (JSON, XML, Text)
  • File viewer (as flattened image)
  • Batch file processing
  • CMYK ICC Color profiles
  • Automated image cropping
  • Layer merging
  • Flattening to background
  • Flattening to user specified color
  • Flattening to a specified named layer
  • Support for AppleScript for workflow automation
  • Automation support through "watched" folders
  • Exported file name customization
  • Custom plugin for Adobe Photoshop

Currently available for Mac OSX (Windows version coming soon!)