The team at Silverpine has been working with mobile technologies since 2001. Our apps have been featured numerous times by Apple and Google as well as in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, MSN, and Techcrunch.

We have shipped over 50 products for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and just about every mobile OS since the original Palm Pilot. Our customers cover the spectrum from Fortune 100 companies to early stage startups. As a result, our experience with mobile platforms is unmatched in depth and breadth. 

We have developed Apps that utilize BTLE, push notifications, Geo-fencing, iOS App Extensions, location tracking, and App backgrounding. We are experts in understanding the tradeoffs of modern App technologies and can advise why and when you want to use a particular technology and, more importantly, when you shouldn't. 

We are adept at desktop technologies as well. We have created applications in everything from C++/Win32 to C# .Net + Windows Forms applications to more modern XAML solutions. Our engineers have shipped dozens of desktop apps ranging from Edutainment titles to Windows system tray services to Enterprise productivity applications. Many of our skills in creating simple, intuitive mobile interfaces also directly apply to Desktop development. Rather than taking the easy way with a user interface, we continually challenge ourselves and our clients to strive for something far greater than the status quo.

"Our organization has been working with the Silverpine team for about three years. I have never met a team as technically proficient that can convey complicated technical ideas to non-technical people such as myself. The team turns things around quickly and does incredibly high quality work. There's no way we'd give our application business to anyone else.

-Caleb Trowbridge
Business Operations Manager
Western Fire Chiefs Association