We believe it takes great people to create great software

Allison Allison Developer
Alyssa Alyssa Development Intern
Brendan Brendan Development Intern
Cassandra Cassandra Senior Producer
Dustin Dustin Designer
Jillian Jillian Developer
Jon Jon CEO
Kayla Kayla Producer
Kim Kim Developer
Manton Manton Developer
Matt Matt Developer
Nicole Nicole Designer
Ramie Ramie Developer
Rhonda Rhonda Developer
Ryan Ryan CTO
Rylan Rylan Developer
Sean Sean Developer
Tiffany Tiffany Operations

Our studio is built on trust, respect and a shared culture of support. We absolutely love what we do and who we do it with. Every single member of the Silverpine family is supported, listened to and challenged to do amazing things.

This is evident in everything that we do from creating gorgeous designs all the way down to tedious but necessary unit testing. It's not just what we do, but who we are.

The team at Silverpine has been working with mobile technologies since 2001. Our apps have been featured numerous times by both Apple and Google and in such mainstream media outlets as The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.

Our clients range from small two-person startups to large Fortune-100 multi-national corporations. We are nimble and flexible and have proven time and again that we work well with others.

Using both art and logic in equal measure, we turn dreams and ideas into products. Our deep experience allows us to make the complex seem simple.

We are experts in understanding the tradeoffs of modern app technologies and can advise why and when you should use a particular technology and, more importantly, when you shouldn't.