“The team at Silverpine did an amazing job on both the Toronto Film Festival apps. Given the constrained budget and timeline they totally over-delivered.”
— Adam Bagerski, THIS Design
“The Silverpine team is a pleasure to work with because they are always looking forward and thinking of the app as a whole platform, lending their helpful guidance to the product decisions being made throughout the process. They’re a thoughtful and hard working team who I hope to work with on many more projects in the future.”
— Kayla Brizo, RockItWorkIt
“The Met app makes a day at the museum even more rewarding, and by making it possible to experience the Museum even when you’re not there, the app is a wonderful way to bring art into more lives, more often.”
— Michael R. Bloomberg
“We reached out to Jon and his team to help us build the iOS version of Cabin. His team was able to quickly build a best-of-breed family app for iOS from a limited amount of documentation, which was quite an impressive engineering feat.”
— Kevin Quan, Samsung
“The team at Silverpine has been great to work with. They have been very flexible and helped us to create the platform that we had been envisioning.”
— Sada Naegelin, De Las Mias
“ChefsFeed is an app I can’t live without.”
— Carrie Brownstein, Wall Street Journal
“Our organization has been working with the Silverpine team for about three years now, and I personally have been working with Jon for over one year. I have never met a person as technically proficient as Jon that can convey complicated technical ideas to non-technical people such as myself. The team turns things around quickly and does incredibly high quality work. There’s no way we’d give our application business to anyone else.”
— Caleb Trowbridge, Western Fire Chiefs Association
“Working with the team at Silverpine was a fantastic experience. They truly care about each project and take the time to make sure everything from minor design details to big user-facing features are given the attention they deserve.”
— David Barnard, Contrast
“Silverpine did great work developing the mobile version of my PC game. They were a pleasure to work with: excellent communicators, very productive, and consummate professionals. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs mobile app development, without hesitation or qualification.”
— Scott Crabtree, Happy Brain Science
“I’ve worked with the Silverpine team on multiple products and know that I can always count on them for everything from simple projects to complex, cutting edge solutions.”
— Alanna Dukes, Head of Production, HappyFunCorp